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Like in other categories, Hauspoz has also looked in this one for a link with the accordionistic reality that obeys to the necessities of the accordion performers. Hauspoz gives special importance to promote a repertory which will be useful in the artist's professional life, to the evaluation of judges related to the professional area, to the performance of concerts through the prize given or to an amount of prizes according an international contest.






  1. "HAUSPOZ" Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea,the Town Hall of Arrasate and The County Council of Gipuzkoa call the XXV "Arrasate Hiria"International Accordion Competition, that will take place in Arrasate-Mondragón (Basque Country) between the 7th and the 10th of december, 2017.
  2. The competition is open to soloists of any age and nationality.
  3. The test piece will be sent to all contestants free of charge.
  4. The inscription fee is 60 € and should be submitted together with the application form.
    IBAN ES43 3035 0065 73 0650018918                                                BIC: CLPEES2M
  5. As well as the subscription fee and the application form (which should be typed up or filled out in capital letters), each contestant must submit a recent portrait picture, as well as a short resume.
  6. The above mentioned documentation must handed over to "HAUSPOZ" by the 30th of September, 2017. (Application forms posted on that date will be acceptable). The address the documentation must be sent to is as follows:
    "HAUSPOZ" Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea
    XXV "Arrasate Hiria" International Accordion Competition
    Post Office Box 49
    20120 Hernani (Gipuzkoa)
    Tel. No. 34 606 140 352
    Sending the documentation will imply that the contestant accepts the terms of the competition.
    In case of any doubt, the correct version is the spanish language text.
  7. The organizers will confirm in writing that the contestant has been admitted to the competition by the 1st of November, 2017. They will also specify the starting date. Contestants arriving late could be left out of the competition.
  8. Contestants will hand 6 copies of their programmes of their arrival.
  9. In concept of accommodation and food, each contestant have to pay a 80 euro tax in the moment the contestant will reach to Arrasate.
  10. The organizers will have the right to make a selection of contestants taking into account their resumes.




1.   The Jury will comprise eminent musicians of several nationalities.

2.   The decision of the Jury is final.

3.   The competition will have two stages. At least 50% ofthe contestants will be admitted to the second stage (i.e. the final round).

The competition programme will be as follows:


1.   "Tres Nocturnos" F. J. Dominguez.

2.   A piece original for accordion, on the contestant's own choice that will last between 7 and 13 minutes.


The free programme will last between 25 and 35 minutes and will conform to the following specifications:


a)   One prelude and fuge, chosen in J. S. Bach "El ClaveBien Temperado" I-II.

b)   Choose one of this pieces:


- "Tango" L. De Pablo.

- "Gena" J. Kaipainen.

- "Aztarnak" R. Lazkano.

- "Jeux d´Anches" M. Lindberg.

- "Izpi" Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena.

- "Bone +" K. Harada.

- "Tears" B. Lorentzen.

- "Tango Prism Op. 73" Maki Ishii.

- "Slow motion" T. Hosokawa.

- "Jabberwocky" J. Koch.

- "Alone" E. Jokkinen.

- "Without a title" Poul Rovsing Olsen.

- "Wood spirit" S. Mossenmark.


c)   Rest of the program on own free choice.


4.   If the contestants' programme does not conform to the specifications set out they will be penalized and given a lower score.

5.   The final round programme will be performed in the order set out under these conditions. No content modification on the programme stated in the application form will be allowed. The performance order of the free programme may be altered.

6.   Contestants can either memorize the programme of follow the score during their performances.

7.   Contestants can use the instrument of their choice. Electronic and magnetic media are not allowed in the competition.

8.   The organizers have the right to broadcast the contestants' performances on radio and television. They can also make, produce and distribute audio and video recordings of those performances. Contestants will not be paid for that.

9.   The order in which contestants are to appear on stage will be decided in a draw that will take place the day before the competition starts.



1st : 4.000 €, a certificate, a trophy and a concert tour.
2nd : 2.000 €, a certificate and a trophy.
3rd : 1.000 €, a certificate and a trophy.


The awards are subjected to the tax withholdings applicable by law.


The winner of the competition will be invited by the organizers to give a series of concerts at the XXVI "Arrasate Hiria" International Accordion Competition. All expenses will be covered by the Hauspoz Euskal Herriko Akordeoi Elkartea.


The Jury may decide not to award any prizes.




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